Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Fresh Start

 Here are the highlights for January.
He attended his first training today to see if he can be on the ski patrol. He to attend 2 more trainings to see if he qualifies. He went snowmobiling once with his friend Josh Gerber. We sent his sister Heidi back home to Arkansas after a week long visit to clean out the storage shed. I should take a picture of all the crap he has tried to sneak in the house without me knowing. Maybe I will. ...... Bobby's team the Patroits won against the Colts to play in the superbowl tomorrow. Bobby found a girl to rent our party room to. So far it has worked out great, her name is Candice Brand and she works at Papa Johns. She says she will get us free pizza sometime.

The highlight of my month was going to Spanish Fork for a lake powell meeting. We got the dates we wanted and I'm stoked about it, if fact, I can't stop thinking about going there. That is however a few months away. In 10 weeks we are going on a cruise for our 20 yr. anniversary. We got out passports in the mail yesterday so we are ready to go. Work has been really busy thanks to Zulily, I like being busy. We stopped doing the paper route this month and it is a big relief, esp. cuz I got a ticket one day on my way back to a house with my own personal paper cuz they shorted me. Anyway, I was going 42 in a 25. Jakie said it wasn't my fault though cuz "the truck just goes down the hill fast." lol. I started my new calling of activity days with the 11 yrs olds. I suprisingly like it. We started the "Waechtler's weight loss challenge" in Dec. with the Groll's and the Barlows, I realized I have hormone/thyroid issues that are hindering me from losing weight....big bummer. The Groll's have won for both months we've been doing it. I have been taking a medicine and it has helped with my energy level, so much that I have cleaned and de-junked a lot. I have finished projects that have needed to be done for awhile like organizing the storage room. I took 10 big black garbage bags to D.I. We are trying to decide whether to stay here or move.....what to do, what to to.......Here is a downer......Denver lost in the play-offs so I have to cheer for Bobby's team in the superbowl!!!!

He started frisbee practice this month. His coach is requiring the team to workout 5 days a week. The good thing about it is that Bobby has started walking with him and it has given them time to bond. Trevor is working hard in school. Right now he has 3 a's and a B+ and a B. I'm confident he will raise both of those to an A before the tri is over. We decided to do date night with each kid and of course we started with him since he's the oldest. We took him to Kabuki because he loves food and we knew he would love it there. I was right, we all had a good time.

Abbey has also been playing frisbee 2 times a week. I think she loves it but is very tired afterwards. She also takes piano and does that once a week. The third week of Jan. she went the whole week without watching Netflix. She read a lot cuz she was really bored. The last week she went a whole week with using Instagram. She is always a big helper to me and does a lot around the house. She organi zed the whole play room and it looks a lot cleaner. With the money she earned from that she went to see "Into the Woods" with her friends. Abbey got all a's except for math.

She did the paper route for about 20 days this month. She did a really good job, never complaining once!! She is my social bug. She is always doing something with her friends. She went to the fun park, "Into the Woods", Alexander (twice), out to dinner with theGroll's. Her friends are: Megan Groll, Dillon Jardine, Hailey, Ilene and Katelyn. She went snowboarding with Dillon today and had good time. She goes to violin practice once a week. She also goes to play practice for Frostbite, a play she is going to be in. Her grades were good for last tri. She all a's but 1 B. Her goal is all a's for next tri.

He got a 4-wheeler for Christmas and he has riden it a lot..... I mean a lot..... like almost everyday. He has gotten so much stuff muddy!!! He has learned how to hook up the wagon to it and enjoys giving his friends rides in it. When he's not riding outside, he is busy fixing or remodeling stuff inside. He takes stuff apart, fixes it or modifies it. He seriously thinks leaves his legos, car parts, etc. etc. everywhere!! He is doing really well in school.....he's such a smartie. He is also doing well in scouts. He is really close to earning his wolf badge. He moves onto the Bears group in March. I can't believe my baby is going to be 9.

My kitties:
What!!?? who blogs about their pets? Me!! I got 2 kitties on black friday. I was only going to get 1 but I figured if I got 2 they could be buddies. Lucky (the black one) was sick when I got him. He has a very nasty cold. I was constantly washing his eyes and wiping his nose. I finally had to take him for something else (bum surgery....don't ask) and they gave me an antibiotic for his cold. He still sneezes sometimes but he is much much better. They are very cute, energetic and fun!!

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